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Employee Self Service

How Do I Access Employee Self Service?


Be certain to use an approved browser and your Ohio State Username and associated Password.

What's New?

With the upgrade to HR 9.2, employee self service is now integrated directly into PeopleSoft. When a user logs in to access ESS, a landing page appears on the My Home page that contains links to various services available in the major categories: Time and Pay, Personal Information, Benefits, and Jobs.

Other than the new landing page, you will notice some tasks changed only slightly, if at all. For example:

  • Text was removed from the custom direct deposit page. Employees may have additional questions when setting up or changing direct deposit.
  • Tax information (W4) for local, state, and federal are now broken into multiple pages/tabs.
  • If the Earnings Code changes for an employee (as it will for student employees, faculty and staff who receive additional pay) YTD earnings on employee paychecks are split into 8.9 rows and 9.2 rows.

Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of the new Paycheck Modeler tool. It can be used to calculate a hypothetical paycheck by changing earnings, deductions, and/or tax withholding status using the values that currently appear on your paycheck as a base. It consists of a series of steps that allow you to calculate a hypothetical paycheck by changing your earnings, deductions, and/or tax withholding status. You start with the standard figures that normally appear on your check and then complete a series of steps to produce a graphic image of what your updated check would look like.

Internet Browser Support

Effective June 27, 2015, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will not be a supported browser for Human Resources (HR) and Student Information System (SIS). This change applies to self service users (Employee Self Service, Student Center, Faculty Center) and administrative users of the system (i.e., academic advisors and HR professionals). HR or SIS users who do not need to access other administrative systems are not expected to experience issues with this change. IE9 and more current versions of Firefox are recommended browsers for the Financials system. View all browser support information for the administrative systems here: For questions, contact the IT Service Desk via Self Service, 614-688-HELP (4357) or

Where Can I Find More Information?

Detailed instructions for using the Paycheck Modeler and other ESS tasks are available via links on the following page:

Need Help?

Having trouble logging in to ESS? Visit, or call 688-HELP (4357-university) or 293-3861 (Med Center).

If you're having a problem after you log in, it may be a compatibility issue. PeopleSoft and the HR information System isn't compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and above. Also try reviewing the article Minimum and Recommended Computer Configurations.