Employee and Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations

Performance Management

ER Consultants assist managers and human resource professionals in establishing performance expectations and accountability to ensure productive employees and work environments. 

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and employee, focused on helping the employee achieve his or her best workplace results. It requires thoughtful planning, ongoing communication and commitment to follow through on basic elements of good management.


CCS Rules:

Chapter 75 - Performance Management; Removals, Suspensions or Demotions

Performance Management Tools and Resources

These tools and resources are for both managers and employees to strengthen the performance management process. For more information about performance management, please contact your ER consultant.



Coaching and Feedback


Excellence to Eminence

More performance management resources that help support high performance are available on the Excellence to Eminence web site.

More Publications and Tools:

Adobe AcrobatPerformance and Feedback Guide
Adobe AcrobatPersonalized Performance Plan Job Aid
Adobe AcrobatPersonalized Performance Plan
Microsoft WordPersonalized Performance Plan