Paid/Unpaid Time Off

Ohio State offers a variety of paid and unpaid leave programs that support faculty and staff as they balance career and family life.


Paid Leave

The university provides paid vacation, sick, parental, jury duty/court appearance, and organ donation leave to respond to employee needs. Vacation donation provides financial assistance during approved unpaid leaves for: life-threatening illness or injury of self or immediate family members; childbirth, adoption and foster care placement; or death of an immediate family member. Refer to the Paid Leave Programs – Policy 6.27 for more information.


The university observes 10 holidays per year and provides eligible employees with a holiday benefit. The university is the Benefit Administrator. Refer to the Holidays Policy 6.20 for more information.

Family and Medical Leave

Family and Medical Leave (FML) is job-protected leave available to eligible faculty and staff for the care of yourself or a family member. FML provides up to 12 workweeks (480 hours) of paid or unpaid leave during a 12-month period for a qualifying event. Learn more about FML.

Disaster Leave

Disaster leave is intended to provide a balance between protecting faculty and staff income to preserve our talent base and protecting the university’s financial viability. Refer to the Disaster Leave Policy 6.28 for more information.

Military Leave

Faculty and staff are eligible for military leave benefits and reemployment rights in accordance with state and federal law. Refer to the Military Leave Policy 6.35 for more information.

Unpaid Leave

Faculty and staff may request an unpaid leave for personal, professional, or medical reasons, including pregnancy. Refer to the Unpaid Leave Policy 6.45 for more information.