Life Insurance Benefits

A variety of life insurance options are available to protect faculty and staff, their spouse/same-sex domestic partners and their dependents. The university purchases Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) for eligible faculty and staff. Employees can also choose to purchase additional insurance for themselves, spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and/or children at group rates through the Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance (VGTLI).

Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI)

Ohio State provides Group Term Life Insurance for eligible employees. Employees must designate a life insurance beneficiary.

Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance Program (VGTLI)

The Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance Program (VGTLI) is designed to provide life insurance benefits in addition to the university-provided Group Term Life Insurance benefit described in your Benefit Overview booklet. The VGTL program offers you the flexibility to change your level of coverage as your needs change, and provides protection for your spouse and children at group rates.

Dependent Group Term Life Insurance (DGTLI)

Eligible faculty and staff may purchase life insurance coverage for a spouse/same-sex domestic partner and/or children at low monthly fees. This benefit pays up to $10,000 (depending on level of coverage selected) in the event of the death of your covered spouse, same-sex domestic partner, or child. The employee is the beneficiary of DGTLI coverage.

Post-Retirement Benefits

Benefits available to eligible employees after they retire from The Ohio State University. [More about Post-Retirement Benefits]