Prescription F.A.Q.

Is Walgreens still in the pharmacy benefit network through the end of 2011?

Yes, Walgreens will still be a participating network pharmacy through the remainder of this year.

Are other pharmacies affected by the contract dispute with Express Scripts (ESI) or only Walgreens?

Only Walgreens-owned pharmacies in the ESI network are affected. Walgreens also operates under Duane Reade, Happy Harry's and OptionCare. Other pharmacies in the network are unaffected.

How can I find out what other network pharmacies are available to me?

On average, there is another network pharmacy within one-half mile of a Walgreens pharmacy. A listing of participating pharmacies in Ohio can be found at or you may access the Pharmacy Locator tool at to provide you with in-network options.

My Walgreens pharmacy is open 24 hours; Are there any other 24-hour pharmacy options in the network?

There are other convenient 24-hour pharmacy options in the network.  The Pharmacy Locator tool at can provide other in-network options that also provide 24-hour service.
Also, in an emergency situation requiring 24-hour pharmacy access where no other network pharmacy in your area is available, you may utilize a non-network pharmacy.  In this instance you would be required to pay full price for your prescription, and then submit the claim for reimbursement.

How can I transfer a prescription if I wish to select another network pharmacy?

You can easily transfer a prescription to a new pharmacy by doing one of the following:

  • Take your prescription bottle to your new pharmacy and they will contact your old pharmacy to transfer your prescription.
  • Call the new pharmacy and ask them to contact your old pharmacy about transferring a prescription.
  • Ask your doctor to call your new pharmacy with your prescription information.
  • Visit to begin receiving up to a 90-day supply of maintenance medications through ESI's Home Delivery mail order pharmacy.