With several options for reimbursement, it’s easy to access the funds in your FSA.

Direct deposit

With direct deposit, reimbursement is quick and easy. Once your claim is approved, your reimbursement will be deposited into your bank account in less than 72 hours if funds are available. Online account management gives you the flexibility to direct reimbursements to one or more accounts. Setting up direct deposit is easy:

  • Log on to Employee Self Service (ESS) or OneSource, look for the eBenefits icon, and click on the My FSA link.
  • Click on My Account, then Manage Reimbursement
  • Enter your bank account information


If you have not set up direct deposit, once your claim is approved, a paper check will be mailed to your home address if there are available funds in your FSA.

Health Care Flex Card

If you have a Health Care FSA, you also can use your Health Care Flex Card. Present the card for payment at the point of service and the eligible expenses will be deducted directly out of your FSA. In most cases, you won’t need to submit receipts – be sure to save them in case you are asked to present them.